Offshore Flare Inspections

Online monitoring of platform flare systems.
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Offshore flare surveys and inspections have been a very important part of our work for many years now. Surveys can be undertaken directly with the operator, or in conjunction with flare tip manufacturers or maintainance contractors.

Using high resolution digital cameras and optically stabilised lenses images can resolve detail down to individual nuts and bolts on the flare tips, making it easy for onshore engineers to inspect the flare's condition from the comfort of their office.

Using regular fly by inspections it's possible to spot potential problems well ahead to scheduled TARs, and most inspection flights are made using normal crew change flights, adapting the helicopter for open door photography between outbound passengers disembarking, and loading inbound passengers from the installation.

Various flare survey packages are available, including video where required. Over the last two years David Gold photography has completed over 200 successful flare surveys for North Sea or worldwide installations.